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Duux was established 20 years ago as a company selling primarily baby products. In this market, where safety and quality is paramount to parents, our brand name has gained trust and we’ve built a strong network of resellers all over the world. Throughout the years our passion for air treatment products has outgrown the baby category and we now focus on the dynamic market of consumer electronics. Duux products are currently sold on 5 diff erent continents, >30 countries and >2500 stores with new distribution being appointed on a regular basis. Our headquarters is located in the beautiful south of the Netherlands, where we design our products and develop our global marketing and sales strategies.

The creation of our brand logo.

a coming together of Dutch history and company values.

The windmill is one of Holland’s best known icons. For centuries the Dutch have wheeled this inexhaustible source of energy to their advantage and today wind power is a major source of renewable energy. The brand logo incorporates the proud heritage of windmills by reflecting the wings of a windmill into the logo.

The Dutch are also known for their artists and designers. From famous early century painters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt to modern industrial designers such as Marcel Wanders and Gerrit Rietveld, design has always been an integral part of Dutch culture. With these simple brush strokes our logo illustrates Dutch Design.




Dutch design at its finest.

Inspired by the logic and beauty of nature, our designs are characterized by a trinity of proven technologies, material science and organic forms. The natural shape of the purifier reminds of a sunflower with clean air coming out of its leaves and light from its core, providing two vital elements in life. Designed in Eindhoven, the creative incubator of Europe and recently named smartest region of the world. Home to many design and knowledge-intensive companies and educational institutes such as the Design Academy and Technical University (TU/e).


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