• This is Duux

    designed for better air.

    We aim to provide you the most comfortable and healthy indoor air quality. Because enjoying clean has so many benefits to make you feel better. And why not enjoy it in style? Say hi to Duux, designed for better air.

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  • Your ultimate welness companion


    Stimulate your senses with this stylish Iconic aroma diffuser. Designed in style with state-of-the-art features to let you enjoying your favorite essential oil.

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  • Your personal air cleaner


    Make sure the air around you is clean for optimal productivity and concentration. Perfect for office and bedroom use.

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  • A unique piece of effective art.


    This multi purpose air purifier not only provides you with clean and purified air, but also doubles as a multi-color ambient light.

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More than just a nice design.

Duux believes in the importance of a comfortable and healthy living environment. Enhancing your well-being by designing appealing, functional and effective products is the passion that drives us every day. We aim to provide you the best possible indoor air quality.

The need for better air.

We don't have to explain you that the world is getting more and more polluted. Not just in Asia, but also in western countries severe pollution is becoming a serious problem, especially in urban areas. Unfortunatly there is no sense for bad air quality, as most of the times it's not even visible. At Duux we believe our products can make a difference by improving the air quality around you. But more importantly, our goal is to make you aware. Just like exercising 1 hour a day and eating vegetables, breathing clean air contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Read one of our educational topics below to learn more about air treatment and it's benefits.

<h2><p style="line-height:0.8;">Why humidify?</h2></p>

Why humidify?

Learn more about different humidifying techniques and why it's important to keep a good level of indoor humidity.

<h2><p style="line-height:0.8;">The right filter</h2></p>

The right filter

HEPA? Carbon? Which filter is your perfect suit? Let us explain you more about filter types and their benefits.

<h2><p style="line-height:0.8;">Clean air benefits</h2></p>

Clean air benefits

Feeling drowsy? Not able to concentrate? Never get rid of that headache? Clean air has so many benefits we are not aware of.