A unique piece of effective art.

The perfect shape,
inspired by nature.

In our search for a distinctive air purifier shape, our Dutch roots led us to one of Van Gogh’s most famous painting subjects, sunflowers. The world famous painter used natural flowing lines and bright yellow colors as sources of inspiration for his sunflower painting collection.

A unique piece of effective art.

Many people are not aware that hiding your unappealing and bulky purifier behind a couch or table will drastically decreases the effectiveness of the device. With the Duux Solair your purifier can be the center of attention again. The 360˚air intake and front-side outflow creates an optimal airflow throughout the whole room. A piece of art in your living room that needs no hiding.

Light when it’s dark, clean when it’s polluted.

Just like clean air is a basic human right, light is indispensable in daily life. Combining these two functions in one product not only provides you with your everyday needs, it also saves valuable space, which is an important asset in many living rooms.

Vibrant hues to light up your room.

Create the perfect mood for each moment of the day by controlling light colors and intensity. Choose from 16.7 million colors on the rotary palette to stimulate energy, happiness, productivity or imagination. Use the light intensity switch to adjust for comfortable reading or bright daylight. It’s all up to you.

High performance
air cleaning.

Eco mode
Save energy by using this mode, ideal for nighttime with quiet operation.
PowerClean mode
The most powerful mode, allowing you to rapidly clean the air in your room.
Auto mode
The air quality sensors adjust the mode for efficient operation.

Controlled in style.

At Duux we try to keep it simple and obvious. The air purifier controls are intuitive and most of all easy to use. It also comes with a nicely shaped remote control so you can operate all the main functions from your couch or chair.

Triple stage filtration.


Pre-filter (100%)

On the outside, the metal pre-filter captures large particles such as human hair, pollen, allergens and pet dander, allowing the subsequent filters to last longer and perform more effectively.


HEPA filter (99,97%)

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter removes 99.97% of all harmful particles and pollutants in the air as small as 0.3 microns in size.


Activated carbon filter (90%)

The activated carbon filter collects volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fumes and odors associated with smoke, mold, mildew and chemicals.



Dimensions: 860 x 570 x 267 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 6.5 kg
Noise level: 35 min. / 55 max. dBa
Energy consumption: 25 min. W / 65 max. W
Power input/output: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Cable length: 1.5 m


CADR: 270 m³/hr
Air flow: 160 CFM
Effective area: 40m²
PM2.5 filtration rate: 99,9%
PM0.1 filtration rate: 99%
HEPA filter lifespan: 3000 hours
Carbon filter lifespan: 3600 hours

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