Your personal air purifier.

Keep the air clean and save space in style with this compact, elegant air purifier. The Sphere comes with a HEPA + active carbon filter and built-in vaporizer, allowing relaxing aromas to be spread through the room. With the built-in ionizer, negative ions will capture tiny particles in the air and pull them into the filter to produce clean air. The active carbon will also remove harmful gasses and unpleasant smells like tobacco smoke. The additional nightlight will create extra convenience during the evening and night. As it can also be powered by USB, this air purifier uses 80% less power than conventional air purifiers.


• Size - 200x200x200mm
• Rated power - 2.5w
• HEPA + active carbon filter
• Built-in ionizer
• LED nightlight
• Silent operation (<32dBa)
• Effective area - up to 10m²
• Aromatherapy cup
• Additional USB plug
• Low energy consumption

Seperately available

• Aromatherapy
• Replacement HEPA + carbon filter

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